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Archive for May, 2007

Keratoconus treatment with adaptive optics

Sunday, May 20th, 2007

New technology using adaptive optics is beginning to influence new treatments for keratoconus. Wavefront guided corrections have shown advantages in correcting optical aberrations that are caused by the corneal distortions occuring during keratoconus. We can expect that as researchers develop new treatments for keratoconus that they will be using the advanced measuring capabilities that are now available because of adaptive optics.

Keratoconus creates measurable optical distortions that can be corrected using specialized contact lenses. As these advanced contact lenses become more accurate in addressing the refractive errors, we can expect to see improved vision in patients with keratoconus.

Scientists are discovering new and better methods of measuring the optical aberrations and their effects on a patient’s vision. With the improvement in technology, we can expect improvements in treatment options.

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