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Keratoconus in the San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose, and Elsewhere

Each week I hear stories from people with keratoconus that didn’t realize that there were ways of treating it other then a corneal transplant. It is exciting to hear that this website has been helpful to many people in finding better ways of treating keratoconus that has made their life much more comfortable. I hope that we are able to reach many more people and give them better vision and a more hopeful outlook.

While keratoconus can be very debilitating, there are new methods of treating it and there will likely be better methods in the near future as well. Research is continuing on the riboflavin treatment known as Corneal Collagen Crosslinking and more doctors are including it in their practice. It has still not been FDA approved though to this date so many corneal experts and ophthalmologists are waiting to see how it turns out. There is still a healthy amount of skepticism that Corneal Crosslinking treatment using riboflavin can actually benefit patients with keratoconus. Some doctors feel that it is more of a placebo effect for patients and can be very expensive.

Clinical trials are advancing rapidly in medicine in a great many areas and we can expect that genetic repair and gene therapy will allow treatment of diseases, such as keratoconus that are now not treatable or not curable.

The internet is also allowing this knowledge to disseminate more rapidly. Many patients can obtain valuable information online as quickly as their doctors and educating themselves. While the internet is not always a trustworthy source of information, much of the information is valid. While it certainly does not replace the expertise of a medical specialist, information that is gained via the internet (such as about keratoconus) can provide new avenues for treatments and greater understanding of the disease process itself.

Technology, such as Orbscan, have hastened the diagnosis of keratoconus, allowing patients to be more informed and prepare earlier for the future. We can look forward to even better technology that can provide greater detail and earlier diagnosis of keratoconus.

While we are located in Northern California, specifically the San Francisco Bay Area and San Jose, we will continue to update our information so that keratoconus patients around the country and the world can be informaed. If you are located near us, we would certainly enjoy seeing you and examining your eyes. We can provide you with the most advanced treatments available from an experienced corneal specialist who is well-known for treating patients with keratoconus.

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