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SynergEyes KC offers hybrid lens for patients with keratoconus

Have you been diagnosed with Keratoconus? Now there’s a hybrid contact lens specifically developed for patients with keratoconus SynergEyes® KC.

The SynergEyes KC lens provides enhanced comfort and wearability and is expected to be a primary contact lens solution for patients with keratoconus. Every lens is custom made to provide the best lens to cornea match for optimized vision. The highly oxygen permeable rigid center of the SynergEyes KC lens promotes corneal health and optimizes vision while the soft outer skirt holds the lens in place better than a rigid lens and provides desired comfort throughout the day.

The best eye care practitioners go to great lengths to try any type of lens and combinations of lenses for highly irregular keratoconus eyes. Rigid lenses have been the method of choice for challenging keratoconic eyes. Practitioners also use “Piggy-back” systems comprised of a soft lens applied first and a rigid lens applied over the soft lens.

SynergEyes KC lenses offer good lens centration and freedom from lenses dislodging and debris under the lens that often occurs with rigid lenses. SynergEyes lenses also offer simplicity when compared to piggy-back systems.

Ultimately many patients with keratoconus consider surgery to allow them to obtain better vision. The surgical options include Intacts for Keratoconus or a corneal transplant (penetrating keratoplasty).

The SynergEyes KC lens may be an excellent alternative if your keratoconus has progressed to the point that you and your eye care professional are considering surgery. Your eye care professional will be able to tell if the SynergEyes KC lens is right for your specific prescription.

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