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Rich F. San Ramon

I had PRK surgery last week by Dr. Turner. So far everything is going good.

Here’s my experience so far.

Day before surgery – picked up prescription and began applying eye drops as instructed.

Day of surgery- went to eye surgery facility and they numbed my eye. (only had one eye done) my vision in that eye was 20-70 before surgery. The laser portion of the surgery took about 3 or minutes of me lying on the table and maybe 1 minute of the laser. They just have you stare at a red dot and tell you try not to move your eye away. It was totally painless. After that you go back to waiting room and let your eye rest. Then the doc. checked it out to make sure no issues and they send you home. Yes, they want you to have a ride. BTW, everyone at the facility was nice and friendly. It is not done at the doctor’s office.

After surgery – applied more eye drops as instructed and took a nap. Woke up a few more drops and relaxed. No TV & no computer. Went to bed wearing eye patch just in case I accidentally scratch my eye during the night.

Day after surgery – more drops. Vision was a little blurry in that eye but no problem I would use my other eye to see with. Which is 20-40 vision. More eye drops throughout the day. Was there any pain? No, luckily I had none. Did not need any pain pills or sleeping pills etc. My eye felt like I had maybe a speck or something in it that was more like an irritant. Only problem is you can’t rub your eye. Using the eye lubricant really helped to soothe that.

Day 2-5 more drops and very little discomfort. I decided to take the week off of work since I am on a computer all day. Surgery was on a Monday and by Friday I was starting to see more clearly with my eye. Tried to limit myself to little TV and no computer so the eye could heal better. It was little boring but a small price to pay.

1 week after surgery – Eye feels good seeing a little clearer and excited to get contact bandage lenses off, also looking forward to not having to take as many eye drops. I went to my appt. and they tested my eye sight and said it was 20-20. I was very pleased with that although outside in the real world didn’t seem like big change. I’m thinking my eyes are still adjusting. At the appt. they also took out the contact lenses bandage so that made my eye feel better. Next appt. is in 3 weeks. .

My assessment of the experience and The Turner Eye Institute.

Procedure was very easy and painless. Since I only had one eye done I was able to close that eye and use my other eye to do everyday functions/tasks so that did make it easier.

Why did I only have one eye done and not both? Because 20-40 vision in my other eye is not too bad and I will use that eye to read with and the operated eye to see long distance with. Your brain adapts and knows which eye to use. Also, if I had both eyes done I would have required reading glasses and I did not want to go that route yet.

Dr. Turner – excellent surgeon, bedside manner some people said that he has none but that is not true. He is just more quiet and reserved.

Dr. Patel – a young guy very nice and easy going. Answers all your questions for you. Will be a great replacement when Dr. Turner retires.

The rest of the staff are very nice and friendly.

Will post again in 3 weeks.